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Microguard 3500 HVAC/R Coating


MFG : Microguard

PART : 3500 HVAC

TYPE : Microguard

SKU : 3500 HVAC

LOW VOC Product

Environmentally friendly  formula with “0” Global Warming Potential value after cure

Extreme Corrosion Protection

ISO 16773 EIS tested to be significantly more resistant  to ion migration

than previous formula to positively arrest corrosion

Unmatched Chemical, UV and Pollution Protection

Proven to withstand the harshest environments

7H Pencil Hardness for Superior Durability

Mitigates Fungal and Microbial Growth

Inorganic formula cannot feed microbes resulting in reduced maintenance costs and better indoor  

air quality

Covalently Bonds with 5-B Adhesion

Strongest adhesion available to aluminum, copper and stainless; and will not delaminate, peel or 


Microscopically Thin

No air flow reduction or heat transfer degradation after coating for better efficiency and energy 

savings; protects both round tube and microchannel coil designs

UV Stable

Will not  photo-oxidize, yellow or flake


Coils are easier to clean, stay cleaner longer and green cleaners

can  be effectively used

Sustainable with Verifiable ROI

Lowers maintenance costs, lowers life-cycle costs and extends service life of equipment

Coats Painted Surfaces

REACH Exempt and RoHS Compliant

Complies with EU regulations

LEED Points Available

Building  certification rewards sustainable and environmentally friendly

decisions and can qualify to obtain state and local government incentives

Installation in the Field or at a Coating Center

Professional installation with fast turnaround time


ASK FOR MICROGUARD1 3500 – the inorganic HVAC coating that protects against corrosion, mold growth, 


heat, UV light, pollution and more… extending  the life of your HVAC equipment, improving indoor  

air quality and saving energy, translating directly to a ROI.


There IS a Better Way

Introducing Adsil’s next generation  HVAC/R coating - MicroGuard1-3500. MG1-3500 is among the most 

advanced protective coating available. Proven to positively arrest corrosion, protect  against 

chemical and environmental assault, extend the life of equipment, save energy and mitigate 

microbial  growth  providing

sustainable results with a verifiable ROI.

Know Your Coating Chemistry

Chemistry is the key to a coating’s performance. MG1-3500 has a proprietary inorganic, 

siloxane-based formula.  Many

times stronger and thinner than traditional organic coatings, it provides superior  protection from 

the harshest environment, has no impact on heat transfer, can coat microchannels and retains a 

long-lasting barrier that protects HVAC coils against corrosion  for an extended period of time 

(typically 5 years or more). Unlike its organic counterparts, MG1-3500 coating

cannot be degraded by heat, light or oxygen (photo-oxidation) or feed mold because of its chemical 


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