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Microguard AD1000 Anti-Graffiti


MFG : Microguard


TYPE : Microguard


Surfaces are protected from graffiti tagging

One coat application

Patented technology

Covalently bonds to the surface (becomes a part of the surface) Beautiful, hi-gloss finish

Can be applied over existing coatings

Non-sacrificial – withstands multiple washings without damaging the protective clear coat

Extends asset/property life

Sustainable with proven ROI

– Easy to clean, low maintenance

– Cost reduction in cleaning materials and labor

– No maintenance contract necessary

Mold, mildew, fungus, germ, virus, bacteria mitigation

(ASTM-G21 rated zero, no microbial growth)

Clear, non-yellowing surface protection from UV light degradation

“High Traction” wet or dry (NFSI certified, ASTM D2047) Wear resistant, long-term  durability (ASTM 

D4060) Abrasion or ablation protection

Extreme tolerance to heat and cold

Chemical and stain resistant

Indoor and outdoor use


Much time, energy and money is expended in the removal of graffiti. MicroGuard® AD1000 All-In-One 

Hard Surface Finish can be used as treatment  to protect against common graffiti tagging.

MicroGuard® AD1000 All-In-One Hard Surface Finish

provides a permanent, non-sacrificial, protective barrier for many bare and

painted surfaces where graffiti tagging is a problem. The non-stick, repelling properties of this 

clear treatment  prevent graffiti from attaching  to the surface making removal quick and simple. 

All forms of aerosol and roller-applied paint, permanent marker, ink, etc.

can be easily removed using solvent or one of many graffiti cleaners without damaging the 

protective clear coat.

MicroGuard® AD1000 is a reactive siloxane coating that forms an unbreakable  bond at the molecular 

level with a variety of surfaces.

The result is unmatched  weatherability and durability making MicroGuard® AD1000 a top choice for 

municipal, commercial and industrial applications where difficult-to-reach areas such as concrete 

abutments, overpasses, sound barriers, underpass bridges, etc.

must be protected.

AD1000 can also be used in protecting painted metal, fiberglass, signs, benches, bathrooms,  

interior and exterior walls, elevators,

stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, painted or bare masonry and concrete.

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